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While fencing is intended to be durable and last for years, problems can and do show up. Whether it's long term damage from the elements, severe weather, or an accident, a fence could be in need of repairs. A proper fence repair can save a property owner from being required to completely install a new one. Horne Fence Builders LLC is just the company to call to get the job done. We are the top choice for fast and reliable professional fence repair in Jackson, MS and surrounding areas. If you have a damaged fence or a gate that isn't working properly, call us today!



Staining and sealing wood fencing not only keeps it looking good it also ensures it will last longer, particularly if a soft wood like pine has been used for construction. Staining the fence ensures the quality of the wood to last longer.

The Pine we build with is pressure-treated to protect it from infestation and rot. If pine is not treated it can warp when it gets very wet, and dries out very quickly in the sun. This can be very damaging. Sealants not only prevent water from seeping into the wood they also protect the surface from the sun's harmful rays minimizing discoloration and breakdown of wood fibers.

Cedar does not need to be pressure-treated because it contains natural oils that stop bug infestation and rot. Hardwood can generally be sealed right away. Sealing will not make a difference structurally but the wood will age and turn a dull gray color.

We recommend waiting eight weeks to stain a fence. During this time moisture content will decrease. If wood is already pressure-treated our advice is to wait longer. The dryer the wood is better for the process of applying stain.

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